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Connect customers to products in a single click
Generate trackable short-links that connect consumers to product-specific local store results.

From brand activiation to sales intelligence,

see how Destini's data-drive applications

can help your business grow

Exclusive Geo-location Technology protected by 2 U.S. Patents Links empower brands to build custom item groups into trackable short-links that provide geo-targeted product availability to customers with a single click. Links were developed to optimize conversion on your marketing spend and provide powerful performance analytics.
U.S. PATENT 8996299 ISSUED 03/31/2015
U.S. PATENT 9239239 ISSUED 01/19/2016
Extend the reach of your Destini™ locator,
and supercharge your digital marketing campaigns
Embed Links within your email, social media, banner advertising, or landing page campaigns to instantly link potential customers to product-specific and geo-targeted results within your locator.
Target by Product Groups
Create personalized outreach campaigns that target individual products or product groups.
Increase Link Conversion
With a single click, customers are connected to local and product-specific store results.
Track Real-Time Performance
Generate multiple Links and compare the effectiveness of each digital channel with real-time metrics.
How it all works
Discover how our Links platform can increase conversion
and measurement across every outreach channel.
Target by Product Groups
Select which product groups you want assigned to your Links campaign, and then activate a custom short-link using the memorable "" domain name for each marketing channel.
Distribute links across platforms
Activate a unique short-link for each outreach channel you want to track, and embed that link into your post, tweet, email, banner ad, webpage, etc.
Direct Path to Purchase
When a customer clicks on your short-link, our patent-protected technology will detect their location and display the closest store locations stocking the product groups assigned to your campaign.
Real-Time Click & Geography Reporting
We’ll provide you with real-time performance tracking by outreach channel, campaign and customer zip code. Access your insights 24/7 to help identify comparative ROI within your marketing campaign.

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