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The Destini Digital Coupon Publisher enables brands to create a single offer and publish it to retailers in:


natural brand store natural brand store natural brand store


conventional store conventional store conventional store

Drug & Mass

drug store mass market drug store

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From brand activation to sales intelligence, see how Destini's data-driven applications can help your business grow

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Create Offer

Configure your coupon offer from the ground up. Choose from a variety of discount types and upload your customer imagery to preview your coupon in real time.

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Select Retailers

Select Retailers

Once your coupon offer has been configured you can publish it to over 200+ retailer loyalty apps at once by selecting them from a list. Yes, it's that easy. No extra forms. No extra portal logins.

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Plan Ahead

Already know your promotional calendar for the year? Load it up in a single instance for each retailer by choosing multiple start dates with unique durations and clip limits. Costs are displayed up front to take the guesswork out of budgeting.

Plan Ahead

Locator Integration

Existing Destini Product Locator clients can have their digital coupons featured in search results for retailers that have active campaigns. This free integration provides additional consumer touchpoints to strengthen incentive on the path from discovery to purchase.

Centralized Reporting

Destini Campaign Scorecards not only highlights coupon clips and redemptions, but also delivers valuable insights into campaign performance, including incremental units and dollars. No more merger / purge from various reporting sources.


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Kyle Volenik

Kyle Volenik

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