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Meet the new power couple.

Destini has partnered with Promomash to deliver the most effective demo optimization solution.

Leverage the unique combination of store-level sales and demo data sets to measure program lift, payback and ROI by account, stores, products, brand ambassadors, and more.

Measure, learn, and improve your demo program
to maximize results

1. Access store-level and event activity data
2. Find The Insights
3. Take Action Confidently
25,000+ U.S. Store Locations
Across national and regional retail accounts where you demo most
Real point-of-sale data powered by the leaders in store level data
Integrate event activity data powered by Promomash
Quickly discover what’s working and what’s not
See ROI and Payback by account, stores, products, brand ambassadors, and more
Compare performance across account, products, agencies, brand ambassadors, and more
Reward and retain your top demo agency and brand ambassadors
Showcase your most responsive products
Increase your demo presence at the top performing retailers and stores

Over 25,000 participating retail locations

Unlock your demo programs full potential

Identify which demo events are driving the highest and lowest ROI

Measure lift and ROI for single events and groups of events using flexible time periods and filters

Turn your bottom performers
into top performers

Reveal underachievers to take action on

Build relationships with your key accounts

Use data to have a confident conversation and demonstrate your investment with your most important accounts.

Hone your winning demo recipe

Analyze the characteristics of your top performing
events to learn what works

Discover the cost savings opportunities

See how much you could save by cutting
lackluster events

Join these top brands and find dollars in your demo program

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